Environmental Policy

Mercado Medic UK Ltd
  1. Mercado Medic will market and supply products and services of a quality that fully corresponds with the demands and expectations of our customers.
  2. The quality of our products will be continuously ensured through a systemized guarantee of quality, a well-trained staff that is aware of quality's importance and a good working-environment.
  3. All co-workers are responsible for their jobs so that it will satisfy the demands of our customers. No matter how successful we are at Mercado Medic, we shall always try to minimize our influence on the environment, regarding our working environment as well as the exterior environment.
    All environmental influence, starting from the incoming materials and finishing with the scrapping down of worn-out products, is included in our environmental activity. This also includes all transportation that our company can possibly influence.
  4. These substantial environmental aspects must be considered already on the idea and construction level. We let the laws and regulations determine the minimum level of our environmental work.