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REAL 9100 plus

Sit Stand Chair

Mercado Medic sit stand disability chair. Built to your needs to promote independence whilst living with mobility issues. The sit stand chair promotes the ability to stand easily and safely without compromising on comfort and independence. ​

Ergonomically sounds to ensure better posture and good health is promoted whilst completing tasks in and around the home. ​

Reaching into cupboards up high is easy with the riser function, also moving from room to room is achieved through the easy rolling castors. ​

Disability chairs with a braking feature that promotes safety and well-being when using this chair for your disability. ​

Cook, clean, eat, move, transfer, relaxing and much more can be achieved in this chair for the disabled with ease. ​

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I add accessories at a later date?
    Yes adding accessories is a vital part to our modular system, ensuring that with certain conditions and the rate of deterioration we can accommodate the needs of the individual through the life of the chair. You can view our range of accessories here
  2. Can I use the chair in different rooms?
    Of course, with our easy rolling castors, the ability to go from room to room in the chair is a must, creating the independence you require to do activities across the home. (On the same level)
  3. Can I use the chair all day?
    Using the chair all day is not a problem, our ErgoMedic Plus seating is designed to have hours of use with no risk of pressure sores or aches and pain. This is achieved through the design and the ergonomic features for optimal postural management.
  4. Can I use the chair to get on and off my bed and toilet?
    Getting on and off things around the home is easily achieved with Mercado Medic seating, this is done with lowering the arm supports to then in theory become a transfer chair, with our braking system you are able to do such tasks safely and efficiently.
  5. How do I use the chair to cook and clean?
    You can use the chair to cook and clean, this is done with our riser and tilt function. For example; Rising and slightly tilting yourself forward and applying the brake, the chair in effect becomes a standing stool that you can rest against to be over your stove while cooking. With cleaning you can stay seated to hoover and clean low-level items, if it is required to clean at height this is possible whilst remaining seated at height.
  6. Can I use the chair to reach overhead cupboards?
    Yes, with the function mentioned earlier, the rise function enables you to remain seated whilst still having the range to reach into hard to reach places safely.
  7. I need a chair with all the functionality mentioned, but I have limited space, will it fit in my home?
    Our chairs are designed to meet that need, a small footprint and the highest graded quality of Swedish steel means the device is safe to use with only a small size, this is a big advantage to fit into small rooms to work at your computer desk, sit down at the dinner table for food, whilst eating in the chair your body is positioned for the best posture for your digestion
  8. I am an amputee; how does the chair benefit me?
    Our chairs are CE certified medical devices, thus meaning with our added accessories you can have a amputee support for your leg/legs, this is best suited on our indoor powered wheelchair to ensure mobility is achieved throughout the home.
  9. What weight does your chairs take?
    With different ranges from Paediatric up to adult and bariatric sizes our chairs can with stand weights up to 275Kg (46 stone)
  10. I need a chair to help gain strength in my legs, how do I achieve this?
    Our rise and tilt function added with the design of the footprint enables individuals to transfer weight slightly onto the legs and move the strength with their legs alone, or with their hands using pieces of furniture to aid that little bit more, creating the process of building strength over a rehabilitation period.

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