Medical Specialist Seating

We apply our knowledge and expertise into most sectors of life, this is no exception to the medical field.

We specialize in advanced X-ray chairs for patients with mobility issues. Including the REAL 8100 X-Ray chair, and the new REAL 8200 Mammography chair. These solutions are in place and supplied throughout the globe to assist the patient, and also the medical professional. Increasing efficiency and promoting a pleasant examination whilst assisting the patient with mobility issues.


Our chairs provide patients with good posture for the examination, making the examination quicker and more cost effective.


Our chairs are designed with strong underframes with a safe, easily operated brake. Our chairs are tried and tested in real environments.


Our chairs are easy to adjust and manoeuvre for individual patients making it easier to examine a patient in a seated position.


The REAL 8100 X-RAY chair is an electrically operated chair adapted for use when a patient requires an Xray. A remote control can be used to adjust the electric height setting. This gives staff the freedom to adjust the chair at a distance.

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Our Medical Seating Products

With our vast range of seats, backrests, armrests, headrests, leg rests and various accessories, our medical chairs can be built using our standard parts and options.



An electric operated chair designed for use in a radiography environment. A translucent backrest is available as an option allowing the chair to be used with a standing Bucky instead of using a cassette. The X-Ray chair is made in Sweden, and has been designed on demand from Swedish radiographers with a focus on ergonomics, function and flexibility. It is comfortable, stable and easy to operate. A remote control enables the chair to be adjusted from a safe environment up to 15m away from the chair.


A mammography exam can be an emotional experience for the patient. That is why it is important to use the right equipment that will make the exam as effective and as pleasant as possible. Some patients need to stay seated through the entire consultation. It is also easier to get the images right if the patient is seated in a stable, ergonomically correct, seated position. For more time-consuming examinations the patient should be seated comfortably and relaxed.
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The REAL 8300 Dental Chair is a Swedish-made oral surgery chair, designed to satisfy the requirements of oral surgeons and dental patients for good ergonomics, functionality and safety. It works great for various dental examinations such as dental X-Rays and surgeries. The electric height adjustment is a full 28 cm, which enables a correct sitting position in relation to the examination equipment. To further facilitate the work for the staff, the chair can also be equipped with a remote control for easy adjustment of seat height and with a stand with a built-in foot brake. The chair works well for both jaw x-rays and jaw surgery. The high quality provides hassle free functionality for many years. This makes REAL 8300 Dental Chair an appreciated and cost-effective choice in dental examinations.
REAL 9100 PLUS EL eye clinic chair disability


REAL 9100 PLUS EL eye clinic chair is a modern Swedish-made electrically-controlled patient chair, designed with a focus on patient safety, ergonomics and functionality. In order to increase flexibility, we have created an examination chair in which our customers can chose between two modern PLUS bases with different widths. In order to increase the efficiency of examinations, the REAL 9100 PLUS EL EFFICIENT is fitted with more electrical functions than the REAL 9100 PLUS EL EASY. The chairs can be individually customised with alternative functions for different needs.

Chairs where the patient comes first

A system where the persons needs dictate the design



The seat should be comfortable and provide an ergonomically correct sitting position. We have developed our seat systems with well renowned physiotherapist Bengt Engström.


There is a choice of plush, artificial leather or other fabrics, various colours. We can also provide fitted machine-washable covers for all upholstered parts.
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The REAL System

We have a wide range of seats, backrests, wheels and accessories you can easily combine to create a functional and comfortable chair.

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