Disability chairs for the home

If you spend long periods of time in a sitting position it is vital that you have a chair that is tailored to your needs to maintain comfort, well-being and independence.

When considering your disability and needs throughout your home we apply a number of factors.


As our specialist seating can be needed for all day use, comfort is a must, ensuring the risk of pressure sores and strains are dramatically reduced with our ErgoMedic Plus seating system.


Tasks around the home vary, be it cooking, cleaning, relaxing, eating, socialising and accessing different rooms in the house, our compact bases and easy rolling castors allow the user freedom of movement.


We take quality very seriously and have engineered a system to last, building trust with out customers to ensure their needs are met without any issues along the way.


REAL 9100 Plus

Ergonomic, modular Disability chair that rises and reclines, and therefore easy to prescribe for individual requirements.

REAL 6100 Plus

Enable you to move around easily equipped with a riser function that lifts the user up to 750mm off the floor.

REAL 9200 Bariatric

A functional and stable chair provides its user relief, and with that, unnecessary wear on one’s body may be avoided.

Customised for you

A system where the persons needs dictate the design



The seat should be comfortable and provide an ergonomically correct sitting position. We have developed our seat systems with well renowned physiotherapist Bengt Engström.


There is a choice of plush, artificial leather or other fabrics, various colours. We can also provide fitted machine-washable covers for all upholstered parts.


For our powered wheelchairs we are using Dynamics controllers.
Real System.jpg

The REAL System

We have a wide range of seats, backrests, wheels and accessories you can easily combine to create a functional and comfortable chair.

See our chairs in use

See how Mercado Medic seating can benefit you in the home, school and workplace.


We're here to help

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