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REAL 9400


Allows children with various disabilities to be active whilst seated in different environments. The adjustable functions have been developed in consultation with medical experts to provide an optimal posture whilst not restricting the child. The height can be adjusted either by hand or using your feet. The REAL disability chair is available with manual or electric lift and can be delivered with several additional features such as - tilt in space, adjustable backrest, head rest and a brake as it is a part of the same modular system as the adult chairs. Replace disability equipment for the home with the REAL 9400 disability chair.

Children's Disability chair, designed to be used in the Home, and in Educational facilities for younger children, resulting in replacing the Disability equipment for the home with just a chair that achieves most needs.


When considering a child's needs, we think in the future. As a child is set to grow, needs change and also environments, we need to ensure our specialist chair can adapt to all of these needs. This is accommodated with our ability to adapt the chair over the lifetime of it. Adding and changing, seats, backrests and accessories. This is thanks to our modular design and superior quality. 


Rise and tilt in space function are very effective in assisting the child to stand, move and transfer from the chair. This helps with assistive care of the child. 

Electric braking options for enhanced safety and ease of use. A vast array of side supports and neck rests enables us to provide an all round solution to most, if not all physical disabilities.

Postural management is key when dealing with specialist seating, promoting well-being and better quality of life.

Advanced Postural Management and Ergonomics

Postural Management & Disability

With various back rests, seats, Arm rests, leg rests, head rests, lifts and accessories, it is easy to meet individual needs when prescribing our disability chairs. To further increase sitting comfort, Mercado Medic has developed the ErgoMedic Plus seat system to fit all the REAL chairs. The Ergomedic Plus seat system is a contoured seat system to minimise pressure sores and optimise the ergonomics of the chair benefiting disabled users for prolonged use.

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