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REAL 9100


Mercado Medic sit stand disability chair. Built to your needs to promote independence whilst living with mobility issues. The sit stand chair promotes the ability to stand easily and safely without compromising on comfort and independence.

Ergonomically sounds to ensure better posture and good health is promoted whilst completing tasks in and around the home.

Reaching into cupboards up high is easy with the riser function, also moving from room to room is achieved through the easy rolling castors. 

Disability chairs with a braking feature that promotes safety and well-being when using this chair for your disability.

Cook, clean, eat, move, transfer, relaxing and much more can be achieved in this chair for the disabled with ease. 

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REAL 9100 PLUS is an ergonomic, modular Disability chair that rises and reclines, and therefore easy to prescribe for individual requirements. The electric height adjustment provides an excellent support, especially lumbar support for the user when standing up from a seated position. A compact modern design for an electric sit stand chair. Fully adjustable to meet all needs of the user, great for an orthopaedic office disability chair.


Enabling disabled users build a chair to their exact requirements, a chair to complete daily tasks but also to relax in with some down time. Our chairs can be built to match that of a riser recliner chair, giving you the ability to sit back and relax after finishing the cooking, cleaning and many other daily living needs. Our seat angles can be chosen to help with standing, such as a sit stand chair, but also recline backwards with the electric backrest function that can be added to the chair thanks to its modular construction.

Advanced Postural Management and Ergonomics

Postural Management & Disability Chairs

With various back rests, seats, Arm rests, leg rests, head rests, lifts and accessories, it is easy to meet individual needs when prescribing our disability chairs. To further increase sitting comfort, Mercado Medic has developed the ErgoMedic Plus seat system to fit all the REAL chairs. The Ergomedic Plus seat system is a contoured seat system to minimise pressure sores and optimize the ergonomics of the chair benefiting disabled users for prolonged use.

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