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Used in the Home, and in Educational facilities.
This is achieved with such a small footprint of 570mm wide, an automatic braking system, Children use the chair to assist in various Disabilities with day to day educational tasks and around the home. Uses include the ability to rise up to access hard to reach places without standing, added with the tilt function meaning getting to a standing position is easier but mainly a much safer option.
This chair is beneficial to those without the ability to move on foot from place to place. Our Indoor Powered wheelchairs are used throughout the U.K. in various educational facilities for children suffering with mobility limiting conditions. The added benefits of a powered wheelchair not being oversized and can fit into most schooling environments.

Advanced postural management in a chair that blends in with its surroundings.


When considering disability and children we apply a future proof design and solutions. 

This is due to the fact the child is set to grow, and needs change. We want to supply a wheelchair that can adapt with the child, reducing the need to change a specialist chair, and build up trust in a product that can take a child from primary education, all the way through to secondary school.


With the impressive height range that our powered wheelchairs can reach, the child will not feel like they are being spoken over or down to.

Different desks around school would not be a problem as the chair is functional within the entire height range of the stem.

Custom colours and accessories are available to truly create a bespoke solution.

Advanced Postural Management and Ergonomics

Postural Management & Disability

With various back rests, seats, Arm rests, leg rests, head rests, lifts and accessories, it is easy to meet individual needs when prescribing our disability chairs. To further increase sitting comfort, Mercado Medic has developed the ErgoMedic Plus seat system to fit all the REAL chairs. The Ergomedic Plus seat system is a contoured seat system to minimise pressure sores and optimise the ergonomics of the chair benefiting disabled users for prolonged use.

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