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All of our disability chairs are CE certified Medical Devices. Advanced Postural management for all ages.

Office chair with brakes

Ergonomic, modular Disability chair that rises and reclines, and therefore easy to prescribe for individual requirements.

REAL 9100

 A functional and stable chair provides its user relief, and with that, unnecessary wear on one’s body may be avoided.

REAL 9200

Childrens disability chair

Allows children with various disabilities to be active whilst seated in different environments.

REAL 9400

It has been constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home & educational facilities.


Enable you to move around easily equipped with a riser function that lifts the user up to 750mm off the floor.

REAL 6100

One of the key features is its low seat height. The low seat height and maximum legroom.


The Mercado Table is designed for use in any type of situation. The multitude of options and continuous adjustment over a wide range ensure that the correct posture can be obtained. The stomach recess will ensure that the child is far more stable, leaving them more energy for reading, counting and crafts. This stable, robust desk will last for years. It is ideally suited for combination with the Mercado Real paediatric chair. Both the desk and the chairs are designed in such a way that they form a single unit with existing school furniture.

 Disabilities that are tailored for with Mercado Medic disability chairs, are that which result in restricted mobility. This could be difficulty with standing, moving from one area to the next, being able to sit up right with good trunk stability. Physical restrictions are made easier with our seating, promoting activity, posture and well-being. The ability to stand, move, cook, clean, eat and socialise. We tailor for your lifestyle and your needs. 

Designed to not look like a disability chair, made to be very inclusive and to suit each environment, these are, the workplace, home, educational facilities also Care homes.

Get in touch today to see how Mercado Medic disability seating can promote a healthier, happier lifestyle!



Even if you are not sure whether our Disability chairs are you, give us a call and tell us your needs, and we can give you an honest answer whether Mercado Medic seating will provide the solution you are looking for whilst living with your disability.