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Specialist educational seating for students with physical challenges. Aiding students to learn and adapt in a safe environment, whilst promoting safety, posture and completing tasks which would have been difficult and required further assistance from staff members.



Adaptive workplace office disability chairs, promoting the ability to return to work, and promoting better posture and support to accommodate workplace disability. Integrated braking system for enhanced safety when using an office chair to complete workplace tasks. 



The complete seating solution when considering disability equipment for the home. With rise and tilt in space, the Mercado range can be adapted to suit your needs around the home, assisting with, cooking, cleaning, ironing, eating and accessing hard to reach areas. Helping with standing from a seated position.



Ergonomic and advanced postural management. Promoting better posture and resulting in better health and well-being.

advanced accessories

With some of the most advanced accessories on the market, we are more than confident to provide the solution, even with the most complex of needs.


A Modular design allows us to build a chair that is tailored to you. Adaptations can be made over the lifetime of the chair, enabling us to provide the solution for years to come.


With all of our chairs we offer a free mobile assessment. This allows us to ensure we provide the right solution, and allows you to make a conscious decision in choosing Mercado Medic.


Our specialist disability chairs may surprise you in what our capabilities are for you and your disability. 

We prescribe a chair to meet every individual aspect of your disability and needs. 

Developing a system since 1971 with vital feedback from user's and healthcare professionals to continue in our goal of accommodating mobility issues throughout the globe.

  1. 100mm castors with SKF ball bearings. Available in a range of versions to suit different environments. 

  2. Easy to control brake with width-adjustable brake lever bracket. Can be fitted on the right or left side.

  3. Well designed PLUS frame, 48x53cm. Compact and open foot-well for easy movement, increasing mobility.

  4. Lifting range of 20cm (or 14cm). Electric lift 28cm (or 20cm).

  5. Ergonomically designed PLUS star knob. Easy to grip and control.

  6. Readily accessible, ergonomically designed controls. Can be positioned on the right or the left by the seat or under an armrest.

  7. Extra support at the side and between the shoulder blades. With ErgoMedic Plus cushions.

  8. PLUS armrest mechanism with soft stuffed armrest plates. Available in a range of lengths and materials.

  9. Different neck rests available to sit many different needs. Fully adjustable and ergonomic.


real 9100 EL - RISER CHAIR

Mercado Medic riser disability chair. Also known as a, Sit stand chair. Built to your needs to promote independence whilst living with mobility issues. 

Ergonomically sound to ensure better posture and good health is promoted whilst completing tasks in and around the home. Can be configured as a riser recliner chair also.

Built in braking system as a standard to ensure the user is safe and secure whilst moving, standing and perching from the chair. 

Assessments available by clicking the button below with further information.


Children with mobility issues can be active whilst seated in different environments. The adjustable functions have been developed in consultation with medical experts to provide an optimal posture whilst not restricting the child. Can be used as a sit stand chair but also promote activity safely.

Available in electric also for ease of use, remote controls can be added for assisted care. This specialist chair can be used in the home and school's, inclusive design to blend in with other pieces of equipment for the child.

Can be adapted over the chair's lifetime and take children through primary into secondary school. 


Promoting independence in many environments with one of the most compact, versatile wheelchairs on the market.

The electric wheelchair is built to your needs and preferences, be in control of how you live your day to day life with Mercado Medic.

Providing solutions to users with mobility issues since 1971.

Reach up to 750mm from the floor in the compact frame of 550mm, can access rooms with standard UK door frames and complete activities in different rooms around the house, office and educational facilities.


Mercado Medic bariatric office chair. Designed to accommodate user's with weights up to 275Kg. 

Ergonomic office chair with brakes and riser function, making the workplace more accessible for all shapes and sizes. The sit stand chair assists users to get into a standing position with ease, not putting unwanted pressure on the back and shoulders.

Standing made easier and sitting correctly at desks and tables. Allowing the user the freedom to move from work space to work space. 

Sizes available on request.


The Real 6100 PLUS Paediatric is an indoor electric powered wheelchair. It has been constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home, at work or at school. The compact inclusive design to fit in most environments. Registered CE certified Medical device.

Allowing children with limited mobility to access desks, and move from classroom to classroom. Also used in the home to transport to any room and complete tasks safely and independently.

Custom colours are available and the chair can be developed over time to continue to provide the solutions needed for a growing child.


Mercado Medic was founded in 1971 as a response to an arising need to accommodate disability in the work place with specialist disability chairs. Ever since we strive towards helping people become more independent. Our main products are manual and powered adjustable disability chairs that can grow and adapt to a users needs, size and preference. People with physical disabilities we focus on postural management and ergonomics. All our products are manufactured in Sweden to the absolute highest quality using environmentally friendly methods as much as possible.

In the year 2000 our quality-managing system was certified according to ISO 9001. Since autumn 2001 our company's working system regarding quality has improved a lot by determining a vision for process in the work and by creating a web-based handling system of all documentation.


A New Look In Disability Chairs 

Mercado Medic, manufacturing adjustable powered and manual disability chairs for disabled adults, and children. Focusing on postural management we provide modular ergonomic disability chairs, adjustable office disability chairs and indoor electric wheelchairs to make people with disabilities independent at home, at work, in school and in many other environments were assistance might otherwise be needed.  Accommodating workplace disability since 1971 with workplace disability chairs. Helping users replace disability equipment for the home & office with a specialist sit stand chair for mobility issues that can be adjusted and tailored to a users needs.


With our vast range of seats, backrests, armrests, headrests, leg rests and various accessories, our sit stand chairs can be built using our standard parts and options.

Our products are available in adult, paediatric and bariatric sizes. A range of modular desks are also available from our paediatric range.

Mercado’s manufacturing methods have been developed over many years to meet the demands and expectations of each customer and are continuously monitored via a stringent quality monitoring system.

Promoting mobility throughout the home and many environments. Our disability chairs are designed to accommodate disability over many years, ensuring that if needs change, so can the chair. Resulting in your peace of mind and a chair that can keep you independent for longer.

Disability Chair Benefits

Informative discussion with Ray Vernon at Mysokoni about the benefits, struggles are process's involved when considering a powered wheelchair.

The ability to use the chair and replace pieces of equipment needed in the home, workplace and educational facilities.

How one chair can result in being able to achieve things that would have proven very difficult without assistive equipment.

Many conditions benefit from Mercado Medic seating, anything that affects your mobility, we can provide a solution. Manual chairs that need to be self- propelled are usually used when there is difficulty but still able to move to a certain level. 

Our powered wheelchairs are for user's with little or no mobility at all, ensuring you are independent in a chair that will allow you to complete tasks at height, and areas of the home where a previous chair may not of been able to reach or access.

Be sure to get in touch and our trained professional's will assist you in providing advice and the perfect solution for you. 

Adjustable Office Disability Chairs & Workplace Disability

Disability chairs for mobility limiting conditions that don't stand out in the crowd. Designed to keep your posture and health in the optimal condition when using a disability chair to complete your daily tasks. Specialist seating that is custom-made to your exact needs. 

Reducing the stresses on your body when living with your disability, helping you become more independent and completing tasks where assistance may have been needed in the past. Workplace disability equipment that really benefits everyone concerned, promoting a safer, more efficient workplace when considering workplace disability and the adjustable office chair needed for an individuals needs with their disability.

Disabilities That Benefit From Mercado Medic Disability Chairs

Mercado Medic's specialist seating benefit many users with mobility limiting conditions, functional disabilities. Our chairs are designed to meet the needs of many conditions such as, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Dwarfism, Arthritis, Amputees, Dyspraxia and many more. Needs of the above conditions are met due to the modular construction, giving us the options to prescribe and build the chair to the users needs. Helping replace disability equipment for the home and workplace. Imagine a piece of equipment that replaces up to 6 pieces in your home, do it all with a safe, ergonomic, disability chair. Bring back your independent living with Mercado Medic specialist seating.