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The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against employees (including workers) because of a mental or physical disability. Thus meaning it is the employers' duty to ensure reasonable adjustments are made to accommodate your working life with disability. Knowing that your disability rights can have a big impact on your working career, use them where you may feel you are not being protected by your employer. The reasonable adjustments only have to be reasonable in most cases, for example, the solutions Mercado Medic bring in the workplace for employees with disability is by prescribing a multi functional task chair, this chair is designed to the users needs and requirements in the workplace. The chair does not stand out, require further adaptations to the surrounding office, and most will not be aware of just what is does for your disability. Really creating the sense of inclusion with workers around you. Our manual and powered ranges mean we can promote activity where needed with the manual chair, and give you the full independence when working with your disability in the workplace with our indoor powered wheelchair. Access to work funding scheme is a prime example of helping you and your employer fund the correct equipment, mention this to your employer as they may not be aware of the help that is available to them.

REAL 9100

Disability office chairs that rise and tilt with a safety brake assist with many tasks in the workplace. Mercado Medic really do create the best opportunity to have a safe, comfortable and positive experience when considering disability in the workplace. The best option for an office chair for disabled employee's.

Ergonomically designed hand controls so that the functions of the chair can be controlled with ease. The controls are readily accessible and easy to grip, and they have clear symbols showing the intended function. The design of the seat, backrest and armrest, together with the adjustable angle of the seat and back, allows the user to select an ergonomically correct position according to their needs. This means the body does not have to be under constant strain, and the user avoids injuries to muscles and skeleton. Aiding with disability in the workplace that may limit your mobility. 

REAL 6100

Electric indoor wheelchair. It has been constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home, at work or at school. The chair will enable you to move around easily in small spaces and is equipped with a riser function that lifts the user up to 750mm of the floor.

As the REAL 6100 is part of our modular system it can be adjusted, with our available options to perform in not just an office but in many different environments where the users need their independence. Have the power to do more when it comes to your disability in the workplace, with the REAL 6100 Plus indoor powered wheelchair.

REAL 9200

Being overweight is often problematic in many different ways. One dilemma is that weight is incorrectly distributed - which entails aching joints, knees and back.

Finding relief in different ways is of crucial importance. A functional and stable bariatric chair provides its user relief, and with that, unnecessary wear on one’s body may be avoided.

The height adjustment is available as either manual or electric. User weight up to 275 Kg.

Custom sizes are available to be made to order for width and depth of seat cushion. 


Specialist office disability chairs that are designed to accommodate the needs when considering a disability and the different issues it may bring. Advanced seating and accessories allowing us to develop a disability chair than can be adapted over the lifetime of the chair, resulting in being able to provide the solution needed for longer, and when the needs may change.

Trust in Mercado Medic disability chairs with our CE certification of Medical devices, and an impressive 10 year warranty. Ergonomic and postural management like no other, with our ErgoMedic Plus seating system. Providing the correct pressure relief and correct support to promote better posture, which results in better health and well-being.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we can answer the questions you may have.

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