Mobility & Postural Management


Postural Management, Manual Chairs, Paediatric Chairs, Powered Wheelchairs, Specialised Seating, Ergonomic Seating, Clinic Chairs, X-ray Chairs, Office Chairs for disabled People

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Mercado Medic supporting your active life!

Founded in 1971 in response to an arising requirement to accommodate special needs in the workplace and at home, Mercado Medic is a well renowned supplier of speciality chairs.

Since day one, Mercado Medic have strived to assist people with functional disabilities to be more independent in the workplace and at home.

Placing a huge focus on postural management and ergonomics, all Mercado products are manufactured in Sweden to the absolute highest quality. The quality of Mercado’s products always correspond with the demands and expectations of each individual customer and are continuously ensured through a systemized quality guarantee.