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Seat System


For optimal sitting comfort, the ergomedic ® seats have the right form and softness to ensure optimal stability and comfort. Higher at the thigh than the buttocks, its form distributes pressure evenly and effectively, and also prevents the user from sliding forward when the seat is angled.

The rear edge of the seat is set low to increase the sitting depth. This means that the seat bone nodules can move backwards when the user's stretch out forwards. When the pelvis is positioned at the very back of the seat, and well supported by the backrest, the users legs are also stabilised.

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Postural Management

With various back rests, seats, Arm rests, leg rests, head rests, lifts and accessories, it is easy to meet individual needs when prescribing a chair. To further increase sitting comfort, Mercado Medic has developed the ErgoMedic Plus seat system to fit all the REAL chairs. The Ergomedic Plus seat system is a contoured seat system to minimize pressure sores and optimize the ergonomics of the chair.