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Other Chairs

Coxit Chair (REAL 9700/9800)

Mercado’s Coxit seat has the same high ergonomic quality as the ergomedic seat. The Coxit seat is divided with individually adjustable flaps. It is used primarily for the alleviation and rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries to hips or thighs.


Postural Management, Manual Chairs, Paediatric Chairs, Powered Wheelchairs, Specialised Seating, Ergonomic Seating, Clinic Chairs, X-ray Chairs, Office Chairs for disabled People

REAL 2000 Chairs

Mercado’s chest support chairs are designed for people who need relief when working in a position with the body leaning forward, or as an alternative to traditional sitting. This sitting position provides a symmetrical and beneficial posture. The chairs are intended primarily as a technical aid, but are also useful as part of the rehabilitation process for patients suffering with pain.

Download the brochure here.

Team Lazy (Commode)

TEAM LAZY is a toilet and shower chair that provides support for disabled children and young people when they go to the toilet. It enables them to sit unattended in a suitable sitting posture for as long as needed. Muscular weakness do not normally cause any problems when using TEAM LAZY.

Download the TEAM LAZY brochure here.