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REAL 9100

REAL 9100 PLUS EL is an ergonomic, modular chair, and therefore easy to prescribe for individual requirements. The electric height adjustment provides an excellent support for the user when standing up from a seated position.

REAL 9100 PLUS EL can be delivered with several electric features such as - electric tilt in space, electric backrest and electric brake.

Download the "Accessories Brochure" to see how you can build your bespoke chair.


Postural Management, Manual Chairs, Paediatric Chairs, Powered Wheelchairs, Specialised Seating, Ergonomic Seating, Clinic Chairs, X-ray Chairs, Office Chairs for disabled People



Postural Management

With various back rests, seats, Arm rests, leg rests, head rests, lifts and accessories, it is easy to meet individual needs when prescribing a chair. To further increase sitting comfort, Mercado Medic has developed the ErgoMedic Plus seat system to fit all the REAL chairs. The Ergomedic Plus seat system is a contoured seat system to minimize pressure sores and optimize the ergonomics of the chair.